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ClariMind is a natural supplement geared towards enriching total mental health, optimizing memory and concentration abilities, and improving intelligence quotient. It will:


  • Enrich Your Brain Cells.
  • Elevate Your Intelligence Quotient.
  • Enhance Your Memory Capacity.
  • Increase Your Power to Focus.
  • Reduce Your Mental Fatigue.
  • Fight Effects of Aging and Senility.


100% Extracts
Independently Tested by SGS for Quality and Safety 110% Money Back Guarantee!
100% Natural – 100% Safe

Try a Proprietary Formula for memory and concentration based on Ayurveda – the Oldest and Most Comprehensive Medical System Available.


Calrimind is a product of:

  • 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom.
  • Modern testing and research.
  • Breakthrough encapsulation technique.
  • Laboratory-controlled potency.
  • Doctor-approved, carefully calibrated formula.




Clarimind Background:

ClariMind’s proprietary formulation contains 268 natural phytonutrients that exert 493 synergistic activities on your body. Many of these phytonutrients are widely recognized for their contribution to Brain Health.

For example:

  • Acetyl-Choline – Promotes memory formation
  • Sitoindoside – Supports brain function
  • Tryptophan – Nurtures learning

ClariMind is a natural supplement for brain health.  It will:

  • Bolster your Brain Function
  • Counteract Mental Stress
  • Elevate your Energy Levels
  • Enhance Memory and Concentration

ClariMind bolsters brain function and calms the mind to promote memory and concentration.



ClariMind’s Ingredients:

ClariMind’s potent formulation works continuously to bolster brain function and calm the mind to promote memory and concentration. The Key ingredients include extracts of:

  • Gotu Kola
  • Dwarf Morning Glory
  • Celastrus
  • Jatamansi
  • Long Pepper
  • Ashwagandha
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger

How does Clarimind work?

ClariMind’s ingredients promote memory and concentration in three major ways:

  • Bolster Brain Function
  • Counteract Mental Stress
  • Elevate Energy Levels

But what does it mean?

Memory problems can be attributed to depression, stress, aging, hormonal imbalances, toxins, and chemical deficiency (acetylcholine). The factors impacting concentration are brain chemistry, sleep deprivation, stress, insufficient nutrtion, and emotional strain.

ClariMind and Brain Function

As you age, your brain weight and volume decrease. On average, the brain loses 5-10 percent of its weight between the ages of 20 and 90.  The grooves on the surface of the brain widen, while the swellings on the surface become smaller.  There is an increase in decayed portions of the branch-like dentricles that extend from the neurons.  Abnormally hard clusters of damaged or dying neurons also form.  Much of this deterioration is connected to inflammatory processes and free radical damage associated with aging. Besides physical changes, chemicals changes like age-related loss of dopamine slow metabolsim in brain regions related to congition.

ClariMind supports brain function by delivering a diverse range of phytonutrients known to protect and promote brain health despite aging.

ClariMind and Mental Stress

Long-term stress, anxiety and depression have been linked with an increased risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss.  Stress hormones like cortiosol interfere with the function of neurotransmitters – the chemicals that brain cells use to communicate with each other.  Excessive cortisol can make it difficult for you to think or retrieve long-term memories.  It also damages cells in the hippocampus.  Once enough damage has taken place, the hippocampus can lose its ability to tell the hypothalamus to turn off a cortiosol-controlling mechanism.  This leads to continual production of cortisol and ongoing brain damage.

ClariMind supplies nutrients proven to combat mental stress, anxiety, and depression.

ClariMind and Energy Levels

Your brain cells need two times more energy than the other cells in your body.  Neurons, the cells that communicate with each other, have a high demand for energy because they’re always in a state of metabolic activity. Even during sleep, neurons are still working to repair and rebuild their worn out structural components and manufacturing enzymes and neurotransmitters.   Most demanding of a neuron’s energy are the bioelectric signals responsible for communication throughout the nervous system. This nerve transmission consumes one-half of all the brain’s energy (nearly 10% of the whole body’s energy).

ClariMind provides nutrients that elevate your brain’s energy levels to ensure optimal performance.

Do you wish to take your brain performance to the next level? Order ClariMind today!

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